Digital Media & Advertising


A holistic Approach


Digital Media comes in many forms. Social Media, organic and paid, SEM, and of course display through direct media and software (Programmatic). Broadcast and Out of home also have digital capabilities.

Programmatic advertising is a key player in the digital media space and doing right is important for the sake of brand safety and optimizing your budget. We work with various DSPs around the world to explore quality data, verification platforms, accurate delivery and ensure that we cover all options of reaching our demographics. Don’t just chase the CPM, look for quality conversions.


International Media Services


One of the key aspects of our company is a network of media buyers that you don’t pay for. You read that accurately! Placing media in a foreign country can be tedious, but we can manage it. Any Country. Any Language.


Worried about placing an ad that could offend a culture? We won’t let you. Our partners (the ones you don’t pay for) make sure all advertisements comply with local regulations and language.


Our capabilities and expertise go beyond the traditional media. SEM, digital media, Programmatic, Radio, Out of Home media as well as in-person and online job fairs are all services we can manage on behalf of the brand. Don’t be scared to reach audiences beyond your borders,


Media Strategy and Planning

Very Soon there will be a blog. We will talk about how much we know, why the market is changing, and what our predictions are. In the meantime, we have some work to do. Sign up and we can eventually add you to a list.


Media & Strategy

 Decide on a strategy. Establish KPIs, Find the right media and optimize. 

Creative Development & Translation

Creative development services are available through local talent to translate and ensure you have the right dialect, and spelling.

Proof of Publishing

 Always expect to have proof of ads published. Whether it’s a link, or a copy of the publication. This can be used for legal purposes and work permits/ contracts.

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